Friday, 17 August 2007

Yarn stash from Prague

Did I find any yarn shops in Prague? Well I found two of the three recommended by (her posting of Jan 17th 2006). I googled Prague yarn shops before I left and this blog came up. It was very informative and the directions and addresses were good. Anyway I took a morning to myself and found these two: GALANTERIE and MAR LEN.

Galanterie was a small drapery shop, quite old fashioned by our standards and they had a selection of yarn on half of one wall, and most of it was on sale, however when I chose some their stock was so low that I could only get 2 balls of one yarn and 3 balls of another. It was an amusing experience as I had no Czech and neither of the two ladies had any English.

I moved on then to Mar Len which is like an Aladdin's Cave. At first I thought there was no yarn as when I entered the shop there were the most beautiful array of fabrics, lots of silks, tapestries, etc, lots from the East. Then I spied the Yarn walls. Two short walls of yarn. Lots and lots of it. Some of it man made fibres but lots of cotton, silk and viscose mixes. I really had to restrain myself. Both from space in my bag and space at home. Its ridiculous the temptations that force themselves on me in the way of yarn. Anyway I bought it!

This is the only yarn I bought in MarLen. The colour is a bit bright in the photo, but its lovely shades of beige and cream and I bought enough to make a cardi for me. Its 60% cotton and 30% viscose and 10% acrylic.

These two balls of cotton I bought in Galanterie and I think I will make socks from it. Its 100% cotton and very soft

Now my big disappointment! The shop only had these three balls of this really lovely soft Bamboo yarn. Its a lovely shade of cream with slight biege flecking. Its 80% bamboo and 20% cotton.

The complete Prague stash which cost me only 20euro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So cheap one wonders why yarn is so expensive over here.

Summer Garden Flowers

We had relatives for dinner recently and my s-i-l brought me these gorgeous flowers from her garden. These had flowered despite the rain!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

'Relaxing' in Starbucks

I don't usually go to Starbucks, as I prefer other coffee houses in Dublin, but this morning having parked the car, in the pouring rain, myself and DH went into Starbucks on Dame Street. The queue was short, but seating was limited and so we found ourselves around the back on two armchairs, facing two couches, one directly opposite to our seats. On each of the couches was one male individual. Age does not matter but both were old enough to know better. And I'm not sure if they were together. We paid no attention to either, but as we enjoyed our coffee, the person opposite proceeded to untie and then take off his trainers, leave them on the floor and then sprawl his two legs across the length of the couch. Disgusting I thought, until the other guy proceeded to untie his trainers, and not only did he take off his trainers, but after a minute or two his socks. Now he did not put his feet up on the couch.!!
When another seat became free we moved, and then looked around and noticed that the soft seating is very shabby and dirty, as also was the carpeted area. I won't be heading here for coffee again, as there really are much better coffee places around town. And this is the very first time I've seen anyone take shoes off and put them on a couch in a cafe. A waitress did pass a few times and took a look, but did not do anything. She took away the used cups from them, and the look she was given would turn milk sour.
So much for a relaxing coffee on a really wet morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!