Monday, 19 November 2007

Some finished knitting projects

I have been doing some knitting lately. Some items I just forgot to take photos of before I gave them as gifts.
This is the shawl I knit for my daughter's debs back in September. Its knit in Kid Silk Haze and I was really pleased with it. Its light and floaty and rolled into a ball to fit in a bag, all with no creases. I would recommend this yarn for a shawl anytime.The pattern is called 'River' from Rowan mag No 38.

A pair of 'Fetchings'. Pattern from, tried and tested by me and lots of others. This time I adjusted the pattern to suit some Rowan 4ply wool and was really happy with the result.

I have also knitted some socks for a gift. I used lovely Jaegar 4ply Matchmaker wool yarn in pink and they were lovely. I also made another pair of 'Fetchings' in a double knit sock yarn in shades of blue, cream and beige. I'm really annoyed with myself as I took no photos before I gave them.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Mystery Theme Swap

My Theme Swap partner Judy sent me a great package which arrived yesterday.

What my parcel contained, yarn, rock cd, knitting needles, magazine, tattoos, stickers, book lover's knit, a toy car, lovely card.

Beautiful Koigu merino yarn and GGH 'Apart'

Tattoos and stickers

The theme she chose for me 'Rock Star', because of my interest in rock music. When I opened it there were 2 cards one of which was to be opened first, and when i did lots of great glittery stars fell out to surprise me. 'Rock star for a day'! Lovely presents, Judy.