Monday, 30 July 2007

Just a few more photos of Prague

I promise I won't bore you all any more. These are the last pictures I'll post of Prague for now. I'm just too lazy to write anything at the moment, and my knitting is slow too. I think its a combination of post holiday blues and making the most of the dry weather we've been having this week. My next post will have some knitting and pictures of the yarn that I bought in Prague!! (not a lot).

Hradcany Castle Prague.

St Vitus Cathedral within the grounds of Hradcany (the castle district) in Prague. This is an absolutely fascinating building with beautiful stained glass windows. On the exterior it is Gothic in style and there are many carvings and statues all around, many of very peculiar gargoyles.

This is the view from the top of the spire. It is well worth the climb of 300 steps, which was very arduous as it was so crowded and hot. But the view!! Amazing.

And this is the front door of the same cathedral.

One of the many courtyards within the castle. Highlights on the hour are the changing of the guards.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Sunshine - in Prague

Just back from a few days holiday in the beautiful city of Prague. Here are a few pictures. Will write a bit later. Just enjoying the little teeny bit of sunshine here in Ireland while I can.

These particular ones were taken either inside the castle area or the view from the top. Glorious sunshine!!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

'Chocolate Waterfall'??

These are views of Glenmacnass Waterfall between Sallygap and Laragh, Co Wicklow. So much rain has fallen in the last few weeks in Ireland that the waterfall and indeed the river is chocolate brown. I have visited this waterfall many times in my life and never have I seen the water this colour even in the winter. It usually is a lovely sight with creamy white froth flowing over the rocks so I was really taken with the colour of it.

This is the river at the top of the waterfall before it goes over the rocks and down into the valley below.

These pictures should ideally be at the top of this post, but 'Blogger' won't let me do it no matter what I do!! So they will have to be viewed out of order!

A Little Sunshine

On Sunday last we had a little bit of sunshine, so we took a drive to Co Wicklow. We visited the lovely Mount Usher gardens in Ashford, near to Wicklow town. We had a great take away lunch from the little bakery, run by Avoca and it was really delicious.

I found this little ladybird basking in the sunshine!

Some waterlilies in a little pond to the side of the river

In the palm garden, found this 'totem pole'! Because the bottom part of this palm plant had been trimmed, I thought it looked just like a totem pole.

Unusual shaped tree with great weeping branches

A view up the river from near the bottom of the gardens. Beautiful Acer trees with the red foliage. If you look really carefully to the right of the picture beyond the gate, you might see the artist at work. What a great place to spend the afternoon painting.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

5oth Posting!

For my 50th posting I have just finished two felted bags. This one is for myself and is from Rowan Felted Collection. I knit the main part in Rowanspun DK and the strap and pocket in Rowanspun Aran. I ran out of DK yarn so had to order the Aran on line as this is a discontinued range. However I am very pleased with the bag. I lined it in a fat quarter of Kaffe Fasset fabric which I have had stored for a couple of years.

Next up is a bag for my daughter G. This is a pattern I worked out myself and is knitted in the Rowanspun Aran which I had left over from my own bag, and the striping is a skein of Noro Kureyon which was in my stash and again the lining is from my own store and also Kaffe Fasset's. The badges I bought at Paperchase in Border's.
My own bag felted well at 40C but G's bag took two felting attempts at 60C. Its amazing how Yarns differ when felted.
I can't believe that I have posted 50 times. Little did I think when I set this blog up that I would still be blogging. I really love it, but the most enjoyable is blog reading. It's so addictive, one could easily spend hours just reading. I have met so many great people also in 'blogland' and can really indulge in all the knitting blogs and sites to get great patterns and tips.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Congrats. And a musical evening

On Saturday, my DH ( (I'm sure he will start blogging again soon now that he has the time) got the results of his Arts degree, which he studied arduously for over a period of 6 years, extracuricularly. And he got a 1st class hons in it too. Well done!!! and Congratulations to you.!!!

Yesterday, July 1st was very showery and grey in the afternoon. Spent a lovely morning in the city , having delicious coffee and chocolate and a nice lunch. Then home, intending to sit out in the garden a while, but rain forbade it and so to the couch and some tv. Well a great treat was in store - concert for Diana. While I did not see it all, what I did was really good and uplifting. I really love music. Tom Jones, Bryan Ferry, Take That, P Diddy, Elton John, Rod Stewart were all brilliant. Andrew Lloyd Weber and the excerpts from his many wonderful musicals by artists such as Donny Osmond, Jason Donovan, the new 'Joseph' Lee Mead, Sarah Brightman, Andrei Boccelli, etc and all those I have left out, made for a great musical evening. Sorry to all my neighbours who may have heard the loud music coming from my house! Nothing like good music to lift the spirits.