Monday, 30 July 2007

Just a few more photos of Prague

I promise I won't bore you all any more. These are the last pictures I'll post of Prague for now. I'm just too lazy to write anything at the moment, and my knitting is slow too. I think its a combination of post holiday blues and making the most of the dry weather we've been having this week. My next post will have some knitting and pictures of the yarn that I bought in Prague!! (not a lot).


Mary said...

Looking good Ger

Anonymous said...

Everyone would agree that Prague is simply magnificent and magical every season. Well, it so happened I visited Prague in the summer, great weather, blue skies, sunshine and panoramic view of Prague is just breathtaking! In the heat of the summer you can relish a frosty glass of Czech beer in some little pubs along the river or cocktails in cafes at the square. Stop at stone churches to cool off, listen to live jazz band at the famous Charles Bridge or in some famous restaurants of Prague hotels, stroll through the winding alleys of the Old Town Square, enjoy the panoramic view of Prague Castle from terraces of hilltops, enjoy, the world is yours!