Wednesday, 18 July 2007

'Chocolate Waterfall'??

These are views of Glenmacnass Waterfall between Sallygap and Laragh, Co Wicklow. So much rain has fallen in the last few weeks in Ireland that the waterfall and indeed the river is chocolate brown. I have visited this waterfall many times in my life and never have I seen the water this colour even in the winter. It usually is a lovely sight with creamy white froth flowing over the rocks so I was really taken with the colour of it.

This is the river at the top of the waterfall before it goes over the rocks and down into the valley below.

These pictures should ideally be at the top of this post, but 'Blogger' won't let me do it no matter what I do!! So they will have to be viewed out of order!


sherry said...

Pretty cool!! (Was Willy Wonka hiding behind a tree?) :)

Mary said...

Did it taste like chocolate - imagine.

Brian said...

That's unusual - at this time of year it should be a trickle, let alone a torrent of chocolate!

Suggest you might try clicking on the pictures and dragging the top 3 down the post below the ones you want at the top?