Friday, 26 January 2007

SS and Parcel Progress

These are pictures of the 'SS' I referred to in my last posting. 'Study Socks' for my husband C who is studying hard for his last year of his Arts degree. While we both smiled at the socks, I think they went down well and may help to alleviate the cold feet resting on the tiles in the conservatory where he studies, morning noon and night.
These are knitted in Jaegar Merino dk and were a really quick knit for socks, took about 4 days only. So will have to knit another pair now to allow for washing.
Am currently knitting the 'butcher boy' cap for myself from the SnB Nation book. The main part knitted fine but I can't manage to get the peak right, I've tried 3 times now and will just have to look for another pattern to finish it. Any ideas?
Eventually got the parcel I was waiting for, but not before I nearly went out of my mind. It seems that my address was put on the wrong parcel and my parcel was sent elsewhere. I decided to go to the UPS warehouse to collect the parcel that evening. On route, I saw a UPS van going in the opposite direction to myself, so I quickly turned about at the next roundabout and followed it, up many country lanes. When I caught up, I asked the driver if he had this parcel, he didn't but his colleague had earlier attempted to deliver it elsewhere where he had been greeted by a very angry customer. The driver called his colleague then and he agreed to meet me about 30 mins drive away in another country town. What a tale!

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Parcel problem

A little seasonal wintry weather for the last few days. Must say it was really lovely. Bright frosty mornings, really lovely for walking. Stuck in though awaiting parcel from Germany. Its taking soooooooo long to arrive. Attempted delivery before Christmas when I was not at home, but no advice to say they had tried, so parcel was returned to sender. Am now waiting for its arrival since last week and I'm becoming a little stir-crazy. An Post truly provide a better service than this particular courier company.
Spent an hour in the garden yesterday, a little weeding and a little late daffodil bulb planting, (at least I think they are daffodils cos I had not labelled them) hope they flower.
SS are nearly finished. Could not blog about these up to now. Will talk later. Almost finished a hat for me in Kureyon Shinano which I blogged about earlier. Its looking good. Also made two cushions for our two lovely new armchairs. I got some extra fabric at same time to make them. I think I've put my parcel waiting time to some good use.
Will have a read of some knitting books on loan from library today and maybe consider a new project.

Sunday, 21 January 2007

Knit and Read

This is a felted iPod cover which I made last week for my daughter S. I think she likes it and it will prevent the iPod from scratches. I made the pattern up myself and it is knitted in Freedom yarn by Twilley's. This comes in great colourways and felts like a dream.

Had book club last Tuesday, and the book for discussion was 'A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian' by Marina Lewycka. Nikolai, aged 84 suddenly falls in love with Valentyna who is in her thirties, very well endowed and glamorous. Immediately we can see that Valentyna's reason for marriage is to extend her visa so that she can have a better life with her son in UK. This thread of the book is quite a romp and parts of it make you laugh out loud. His two daughters, Vera and Nadezhda are not at all pleased and make every attempt to prevent the marriage, without success. However, there is a more sombre side - that of the effect of earlier and indeed current times in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe - deprivation, cold, misery, lack of freedom. Nikolai was an engineer and obviously very intelligent. He is writing his History of Tractors in Ukraine. We can see from his novel his knowledge of engineering and its history and the difference it made to life in Ukraine.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable book. It has many themes. It is hilariously funny at times but very sensitive and real. One can empathise with the characters. Marina Lewycka writes very well and can tell so much with so few words. I would highly recommend it.

Friday, 19 January 2007

Maybe a mistake?

Just finished knitting and sewing up this bag. Pattern from Berocco, called Brea. As I knitted it in a boucle wool yarn, with gusset in alpaca/wool mix the result is that I feel the boucle will catch everything. This pattern was not a felted one, but as I write I have just put the bag into washing machine with a pair of jeans and I don't know how I feel about it. It didn't take too long to knit so I could always knit another!!!!
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Watch this space for next posting!

Thursday, 11 January 2007

New Year's Resolutions?

'When the inventor of the drawing board messed up, what did he go back to?' Bob Monkhouse.

Although I did not make any New Year's Resolutions publicly, in my mind I decided I would buy no more yarn of any sort until I had made a very large hole in my stash. I had been very good, cast on and finished the cream scarf,and started a bag from lovely boucle wool that I bought last year. However, while making a journey to a funeral yesterday, I would pass by 'Springwools' in Walkinstown, and the bag I had started would need a button when finished, and so I went there to look for the button as I had a little time to spare!

How could anyone leave these two balls of Noro 'Shinano' at 3.95euro each! Well I certainly couldn't and I have no project in mind yet. I have not seen this particular one before. It is 65% wool and 35% silk. Any ideas anyone?

Well I have the buttons now for the original project, and have no need to go to another yarn shop for a while.
Had a yummy lunch today in Avoca at Rathcoole. Delicious potato and celeriac soup with their lovely cheese bread, and to follow, a slice of their meringue roulade with cream and berries. I couldn't finish dessert though as the portion was enormous. Second resolution gone. So much for my healthy eating plan! Went for an extra walk this evening though. Better luck tomorrow.

Sunday, 7 January 2007

Current reading

While our January weather is mild and we have had no frost or snow, I am engrossed in a really good book called Sun at Midnight by Rosie Thomas (see: "Books" on sidebar). It is a love story and adventure set in Antarctica at a scientific research station. The prose is beautiful and you really feel the atmosphere of Antarctica - glistening snow, and beautiful light. The book is full of dramatic twists and adventure and is not just a 'chic lit' romance. Rosie Thomas is a passionate writer and is very easy to read.
I have just realised also that my next Book Club meeting is on Tuesday the 16th which is only a week away, and I must have my next book read by then, so better hurry up with this one.

Have not set up any big knitting project yet for New Year. Just working on a cream scarf at the moment. Its difficult to make a choice, as I have so much yarn in stash.

Thursday, 4 January 2007

This is the moon rising over the Irish Sea at Bray in Co Wicklow. Had a really good day on Tuesday last. Took my daughter and friend to Powerscourt, which was lovely, if a little cold. Had good lunch there. (its really worth a visit). Then on to Bray where I took this photo.

Today I visited the new 'Borders' bookshop in the Town Centre at Blanchardstown. I spent about 2 hours there and could have spent longer browsing and having great coffee in Starbuck's which is upstairs in the store. The store is very well laid out and had a good selection of books, mags and music. I will definitely will be going back. Got a knitting calendar at half price with patterns for every day of the year.!

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

New Year

Happy New Year.
As you can see I finished my daughter's cardi, and I'm really pleased with it.She is too and has worn it since. It took ages to sew up and as for the Zip!!!! After tacking it I sewed it in with my sewing machine, but when done, the front was puckered. But after a good steam pressing, it looked great.
Just started on a cream scarf for myself, but need to set something else on needles also, as I find scarf knitting a bit boring. So I will shortly look through my large stash, and find another project to do.