Thursday, 11 January 2007

New Year's Resolutions?

'When the inventor of the drawing board messed up, what did he go back to?' Bob Monkhouse.

Although I did not make any New Year's Resolutions publicly, in my mind I decided I would buy no more yarn of any sort until I had made a very large hole in my stash. I had been very good, cast on and finished the cream scarf,and started a bag from lovely boucle wool that I bought last year. However, while making a journey to a funeral yesterday, I would pass by 'Springwools' in Walkinstown, and the bag I had started would need a button when finished, and so I went there to look for the button as I had a little time to spare!

How could anyone leave these two balls of Noro 'Shinano' at 3.95euro each! Well I certainly couldn't and I have no project in mind yet. I have not seen this particular one before. It is 65% wool and 35% silk. Any ideas anyone?

Well I have the buttons now for the original project, and have no need to go to another yarn shop for a while.
Had a yummy lunch today in Avoca at Rathcoole. Delicious potato and celeriac soup with their lovely cheese bread, and to follow, a slice of their meringue roulade with cream and berries. I couldn't finish dessert though as the portion was enormous. Second resolution gone. So much for my healthy eating plan! Went for an extra walk this evening though. Better luck tomorrow.


Mary said...

Now Ger you are a wicked girl breaking those new year's resolutions. Shame on you! The shoe is on the other foot now and tell me "how was the gorgeous K?"

Diane said...

you are really tempting of these days I am going to find my way to Springwools and add to my growing yarn stash!

Sharon in Ireland said...

Oh, Avoca food yummy. I haven't yet managed to find an equivalent to their fab scones.

tangelled angel said...

Great to knit with you on Tuesday Ger. I agree that the Avoca food is really nice, I pass it daily on the way home and despite caving several times before Christmas, I've managed to stay out of it since the New Year!