Friday, 26 January 2007

SS and Parcel Progress

These are pictures of the 'SS' I referred to in my last posting. 'Study Socks' for my husband C who is studying hard for his last year of his Arts degree. While we both smiled at the socks, I think they went down well and may help to alleviate the cold feet resting on the tiles in the conservatory where he studies, morning noon and night.
These are knitted in Jaegar Merino dk and were a really quick knit for socks, took about 4 days only. So will have to knit another pair now to allow for washing.
Am currently knitting the 'butcher boy' cap for myself from the SnB Nation book. The main part knitted fine but I can't manage to get the peak right, I've tried 3 times now and will just have to look for another pattern to finish it. Any ideas?
Eventually got the parcel I was waiting for, but not before I nearly went out of my mind. It seems that my address was put on the wrong parcel and my parcel was sent elsewhere. I decided to go to the UPS warehouse to collect the parcel that evening. On route, I saw a UPS van going in the opposite direction to myself, so I quickly turned about at the next roundabout and followed it, up many country lanes. When I caught up, I asked the driver if he had this parcel, he didn't but his colleague had earlier attempted to deliver it elsewhere where he had been greeted by a very angry customer. The driver called his colleague then and he agreed to meet me about 30 mins drive away in another country town. What a tale!


Diane said...

it took you four days to knit the socks???? and I thought I was ambitious to knit one pair of socks a month!!!

tangelled angel said...

Wow, the socks look great and took you no time at all. we should call you Knitter Gonzales!
And to think it took me from May-Dec to finish my bf's socks...Im soo ashamed!!

Mary said...

Love the socks Ger.

Mary said...

Loved the idea of you chasing post-men down country lanes.