Tuesday, 18 September 2007

My stash

This photo is of some of the stash taken from the back

Same stash from the front.

And all these little bits and pieces are taken on the trunk which houses most of the stash.

I honestly had no idea that there was this amount of yarn here, it just goes to show that you need to keep track of your purchases.

I think I'll make a listing of what I have and the projects intended. Some of the yarns were such good bargains that I could not leave them behind. (That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it)

BTW I forgot all about some sock yarn stored away somewhere else.

Here is my listing:

Marlen 6 x 100g Cotton/viscose mix
Pink Debbie Bliss Aran 4 x 50g Wool
Rowanspun DK 3 x 50g Wool
Sirdar Luxury Cotton 4 x 50g Cotton
Noro Silver Thaw 9 x 50g Wool/Angora/Nylon
Cotton sock yarn 2 x 50g Cotton
Kid Classic Rowan 1 x 50g Mohair/nylon

Craftspun Aran 1 x 100g Wool/Alpaca
Avoca cone beige/cream 1500g Cotton/linen
Avoca Chenille /blue 2 x 500g Cotton mix
Lidl cotton fuschia 3 x 50g Cotton/viscose
Bamboo Beige 3 x 100g Bamboo/cotton
Avoca green cone 1 x 400g Cotton
Avoca 4ply cream 1 x 500g Cotton
Coloured Cone 1000g Avoca mixed fibres
Large coloured cone 1500g ?
Cotton top 3 x 100g Cotton/wool
2 balls sock yarn 2 x 50g Wool/cotton
Kidsilk Haze burgundy 2 x 25g Kid mohair/silk
" grey 1 x 25g "
Nashua 1 x 100g wool/alpaca
Rowan 4ply cotton 1 x 50g cotton
Sirdar white cotton 1 x 50g "
Wendy cream cotton 1 x 50g "
Blue cone 600g Cotton
4 cones lilac 600g "
2 Phildar green 2 x 50g Cotton/acrylic
Just Bamboo 1 x 50g Bamboo
Alpaca 4ply 1 x 50g Alpaca

That's it for now. I know there are a few more, but I now better hide them quick from the guilt I feel myself. I have no listing for the intended projects yet.

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Holly said...

I'd like to say, "Wow, what a load, but it pales in comparison to the stash I won't flash." Can't wait to see all the projects and as fast as you knit, you'll make a large dent in your stash in no time.