Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Knitting in the New Year

I started out this New Year with the intention of using up lots of my ever-growing stash.I really shouldn't purchase any more yarn until some of it is gone, that is unless I need some for a particular project!!
Anyway so far so good.

This is a pair of mittens for myself. I had none and the recent spell of really cold weather prompted me to knit them. Recognise the yarn? Well I bought 9 skeins of this Noro yarn to knit up a cardi for myself, but when I got half way in to it I realised I would not wear it and it would not be flattering, so I'm knitting lots out of it including 3 pairs of sofa slippers, 2 pairs of fingerless gloves and these mittens, and I still have a skein left!!! I'll think of something to use it for. Anyway these mitts are really warm.

These two items are felted covers for portable hard-drives. My daughter needed a cover recently for her new and expensive hard drive and so I created one. However when her college friends saw it , they fell in love with it and asked me to knit one for them too. They are funky and protective.

One evening last week a friend called at dinner time and surprised me with these beautiful spring tulips. I have them in the conservatory where it is cold and I see them all the time to brighten up these dark winter days. I think they should last longer out there. What a lovely thought!

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