Sunday, 6 November 2011

Autumn Colours and Reflections

Thought I'd share some gorgeous autumn colours with you. I took an early walk this morning by the canal near where I live. It was a cold frosty morning with sun shining and it was truly beautiful. I love this weather with that lovely autumn crispness and freshness.

The mist was over the water as the sun heated up and the colours here of the trees and the barge reminding me of a Constable painting. This indeed is a real likeness of the colours although it's hard to believe.

Futher on the walk the colours and reflections are so different as the sun is directly shining through the trees. It would be lovely is these scenes could just stay as they are, but of course that's not possible and we would be tired of it, and wanting change.

The berries on this tree are so red and they reflect really strongly in the water.

And here we have a really different colourscape.This is only a 5 minute walk away from the last picture and the colours are so different.

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