Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Diesel and Unleaded!!!!!!!!!! A Warning

Ever have one of those days? I just can't seem to get my knitting projects done! That's the story for the moment so I just did not need what happened today. It was an incident waiting to happen too, and it would happen to me. I put unleaded petrol into my DH's DIESEL car. ( my car takes unleaded). OH MY GOD what a thing to do. Luckily (if you call it lucky) I realised it half way through the fill. I was on my way home from visiting my Mam and stopped for petrol, I mean diesel. Well for anyone who's interested this takes ages to remedy. Firstly I had to contact insurance co, then they advised at least a two hour wait for a tow truck, next tried my local garage near home and from where the car was purchased and they were very helpful,but I still had to wait, and the tow truck would only take the car to the nearest dealer, so that meant a hire car also!! to take me home. You see the tank will have to be drained and this takes time, obviously. We'll deal with the cost tomorrow.
All in all, it took almost three hours from the time of filling to the time of delivery of car via tow truck to the garage.



Yvonne said...

Ouch, that's seriously painful. I think if I had a diesel, I'd have to have big stickers all over it to remind me.

TusaRebecca said...

Hey! Could be worse, I suppose. Annoying none the less. Projects will get done when they want to. We'll be inspired at the knitting show tomorrow and projects will be flying along!

Mary said...

You must get a diesel t-shirt to wear everytime you are driving DH car.

NicKnits said...

Yikes, that hurts! I can only share my mother's advice. It's only a car and nobody got hurt.

I put diesel into an unleaded car in France years ago and it took HOURS to get towed, DAYS to get it repaired, and cost a FORTUNE.

It's a very long story, only amusing to me now after the passage of years. Tell ya more over a drink someday. Hope it gets sorted quickly for you.