Monday, 17 March 2008

St Patrick's Day and No Excuse

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone. I've no plans for the day yet, except maybe to take a spin on this lovely Spring morning.I have not been to the St Patrick's Day Parade for years, not since my children were much younger. Spent a lovely morning though in Dublin city yesterday, just browsing and having coffee and lunch. Very pleasant.

A few weeks ago I went to the Avoca yarn sale in Avoca Handweavers in Co Wicklow. We had a really lovely day, and lunch with knitting friends. Didn't add too much to the stash this year though. Just some lovely soft brown wool/maybe alpaca mix and this gorgeous pale grey possibly wool or wool mix or maybe cotton/wool. I've no idea what the yarns are , but they are really nice, and I've no idea what I'll do with them. Then the fabric, which feels like a linen/cotton mix, and I hope to make a shirty top with that some time!

This scarf I knit for my daughter recently. It started out as a fine knit scarf from some 'jitterbug' sock yarn, but it was too lacy and not very warm, so I ripped it out, added some lovely Rowan cotton/cashmere to it and ended up with a great warm scarf, which I think is liked.

These are lilies which I got for mother's day a couple of weeks ago, along with a book 'Mister Pip' which I'm looking forward to reading and a knitting magazine, some chocolates, and some lovely pottery. All great gifts for Mother's day!
I've been a very lazy 'blogger' this year, and I've no excuse. I'm knitting away, crocheting squares to complete my first ever granny square blanket and when finished I'll upload the pictures. Trying to finish a sideways knit cardi for myself from some lovely Noro 'silver thaw', but I've ripped it so many times I'm not sure if or when I'll finish it. And I've read lots of great books which I'll blog about seperately.


Anonymous said...

Happy St. Paddy's! :-) in 1992, I enjoyed my first REAL Irish St. Paddy's parade... in Cork, and it was lovely.. I'll be drinking a big glass of Bailey's tonight and toasting Ireland!

Holly said...

I bought the exact same fabric. No plans for it yet, but I did get some chenille to go with it.