Thursday, 21 June 2007

Midsummers Day!!!

Its hard to believe that its Midsummer's Day 2007, and where I am its been mostly raining all day. No barbecuing, or sitting in the sunshine. Things can only get better.


For June the book title for Book Club was Catch 22, by James Heller. I'm sure everyone has heard of and used the phrase taken from the title of this book. It was written in the 60's and based on the 2nd World War, and the madness that comes with being at war. I really did not like this book. There were too many different characters to keep track of and too much going on. I likened it to reading scripts of M A S H one after another. What a chore!

Since then I've read a 2nd book in the series of the No1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith called 'The Tears of the Giraffe'. This once again, like the first one, was really wonderful. It really captures life in Botswana and you really feel like you are there. Mme Ramotswe is again truly likeable and believable in solving her mysteries and 'crimes'. This book is beautifully written, and is relaxing and easy to read. I would strongly recommend this series.

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