Saturday, 2 June 2007

Birthday Girl

Yesterday, my daughter and youngest child G was 18 years old. No longer a child but now an adult, sitting her Leaving Cert next week. Not a great time for birthday celebrations and party is postponed until July. Her friends also have 18th birthdays around this time so July I think will be party busy for her and them. This is a happy and a sad time. Happy to be finishing her years at school and moving on to other things, but sad to be missing friends who have been together for the last 6 years at this school. While there are plenty of friends, the core group are about 8.

The morning started out quietly. Brother was expected over mid morning and her sister is away on holiday. We were just relaxing, having coffee etc, as you do on a Sat morning. G got a phone call about 10.15, early for a teen. She was told to go outside, but there was no one around. We live in a cul de sac with a bend at top of the road. Suddenly around the bend came 7 friends, hands linked across the road, birthday hats on, balloon swinging in the wind, birthday cake in hands, on parade, and singing 'Happy Birthday', for all to hear. What a joyous and wonderful idea for friends to do, in this materialistic world. They had taken the time to gather on this Saturday morning to surprise my daughter.The joy and happiness on my daughter's face was a sight to behold. Each of the friend's birthdays are celebrated in a different and surprising way. May they be forever friends.


Diane said...

it must have been a joyous and happy very nice

Sharon in Ireland/NZ said...

What a lovely story. I've no doubt they will be forever friends. I hung out with a group of about 8 girls in school, and despite us all going our seperate ways after school, living in different countries, living different lives at times, we are all still the closest friends - 17 years later.