Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow! Snow! Snow!

It's not very often that our country has falls of snow and when it can be really beautiful. Last week I began a photography course. I really need it I hear you all say. Anyway we walked to the local park and took some photos.

This is my back garden last night with the snow weighing heavily on the shrubs

A view from my front door. More like Christmas?

Looking at front of my house.

While the snow is lovely, I was caught in almost blizzard conditions this afternoon on my way home. However it has eased off since. It's a little scary driving in these conditions.

Don't think I'll make my knitting group this evening, I'm not sure I'd like to get caught out in the cold later, so I'll knit by the fire instead.!!


a simple yarn said...

Okay, I might have been really envious of your snow, but thankfully we had our own last week, so I'm satisfied...and happy for this rare happening in Ireland!

Mary said...

Love the photos Ger, snow always makes everything look nice for a short while until it thaws.