Monday, 11 January 2010

Monday morning and this is the third day now without water in our house. While I had been somewhat 'enjoying' the bright snowy weather, which at times looked magnificent, you get to realise how important the real basics. i.e basic water! Currently we are relying on our very good neighbour filling our containers and then poor DH is climbing the ladder, creeping across our attic floor and putting the contents of the containers in to the Water Tank! Also we are collecting the drips from our roof for our WCs and cleaning up. A workout in disguise.
On another note, we took a tentative drive out yesterday near the Japanese gardens in Kildare where we walked and took a few photos - I'll post some next time. I've not been knitting very much in the last few weeks though, except for a hat for my daughter, which I've forgotten to take a photo of and it's now being worn happily. So I'll just have to get back to it, and maybe cheer myself up.
Hope all is good with you!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Ger!

Sounds much too cold for me, you should come visit. Yesterday was around 80 F, but today's a little cooler, more like 75.

Have a great new year!


Anonymous said...
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