Monday, 26 February 2007

More books I've read

Read 'For one more day' by Mitch Albom for last month's Book Club.This is a short book and a quick read. It is the story of 'Chick' who almost dies in a suicide attempt, and his near death experience, during which he meets his mother at home, even though she died 8 years earlier. He is torn between the two sides, on the one being called by the policeman at the scene of the accident, andon the other, doing visits with his mother to friends who are dying. It is sort of a ghost story and 'Chick' learns a lot about his love for his mother. While he was growing up his father had made him choose between him and his mother and claimed that you could not love both the same. I was not mad about this book, as I feel the characterisation was cold and not much continuity in the story. Not sure if I'd read more from this author, but one book club member suggested that 'Tuesdays with Morrie' is very different, so I could be persuaded.

I've just finished 'Indulgence' by Paul Richardson. This is a great one about the history of chocolate. While indeed it is a history book, it is so interesting and one can savour all the flavours. From velvety smooth, to dark and bitter and indeed really weird and wacky things done with the chocolate the world over. Paul Richardson really put in lots of reaearch to produce this book and while I wouldn't usually read history, this one is really different. For any lovers of chocolate out there I would recommend this. It even includes web sites and addresses of good chocolatiers around the world.

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Mary said...

I think one should not read a book about Chocolate during Lent - too much temptation yum, yum.