Monday, 23 June 2008

Kooramock by The Isohels - (Curamach - Irish for Careful)

Last week the Isohels (the band my daughter plays in) played their 'final' gig with a party atmosphere at Whelans of Wexford Street in Dublin. A brilliant performance!! Having been together now for 4 years, they have entertained at gigs around Dublin and Kildare, and their album which has been worked on for the last few months only released on the night of the gig, just an hour before show started. Go on over to to hear a sample. I have thoroughly enjoyed going to their gigs, and indeed have gone to more music venues in the last couple of years than I did all my life.Good luck to you all as you journey now in different directions and I hope you will all get together again for more rocking entertainment. I'll miss the gigs and will have to look for other excuses to attend them!!

The Isohels

The audience enjoying the gig
A road sign advertising the album.

On another note but with the same theme. Be careful (Kooramock) where you park your car while you attend a gig!!!! Clamped again, along with Mary at

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