Wednesday, 27 February 2008

My Parcel

Yeah!!! My cocoa swap parcel arrived yesterday. I was so delighted. Was not at home when it arrived so had a note to say that the postman had called and that a parcel could be collected at the local postal sorting office. My cocoa swap partner is Felicia from These are the contents, mostly wrapped in tissue.

Beautiful sock yarn from Crystal Palace yarns. Its made from bamboo, wool and nylon and its so so soft.

Some really yummy 'Archer Farms' Milk chocolate mix. Its really delicious and also tastes very good shaken on a cappuccino! Three sachets of Cocoa classics from 'Land Lakes' which I will taste later. Delicious nutty butterscotch - gone, and a yummy bar of Lindt orange chocolate - also gone!
Lovely stitch markers which match the colour of the sock yarn - exactly.

And last but certainly not least, my lovely 'blah buddy' to cheer up this month. Its a lovely felted owl, beautifully made! I've named her 'Buttons'. A bit obvious I know, but it really suits her with her beautiful blue buttoned eyes. She fits right beside my computer work station and even fits on the keyboard without getting in the way.
Thank you so much Felicia for a great package and gorgeous contents.


Felicia said...

Oh, I'm so glad Buttons arrived safely! I wasn't quite worried yet, but it was taking longer than the post office expected. Buttons looks like she has made herself right at home!

Anonymous said...

Ger, I am so glad you liked your package! :-) I was there with Felicia when she bought that yarn.. it so soft and squishy and loverly! :-) Enjoy that cocoa.. it's so yummy!

cyberpenguin said...

What an adorable owl!