Thursday, 31 January 2008

Cocoa Swap -Early memories and memorable Vacations

The vacation that sticks in my mind is quite a recent one when myself and DH went to the South of France on a business trip. We had been to France before but that was to Brittany. The Mediterranean was everything I pictured it to be, azure blue and completely clear. The coastline near to Nice and Monaco is rugged and has many levels of (corniches)roadways and even from the highest level if you look down you can see to the bottom of the sea. The hotel we stayed in was beautiful, and the view from the bedroom amazing, overlooking the sea and the sound of the water gently lapping below was so soothing. Oh dear I wish I was there now!

My earliest childhood memory is of visitors of my parents from New Zealand, who stayed in my house and how they were having their breakfast served in the dining room, which must have been unusual at the time. However my Mom thinks I was only about 1 year old and was astonished lately when I could describe certain things about that time to her, which were right and she had forgotten about.

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