Sunday, 20 January 2008

Hot Cocoa Swap - Topic of the Week 2

Now that we're in the thick of Winter............has your knitting changed to match the season? Are you moving on from dishcloths, and tank tops to afghans, hats and mittens? Has your yarn changed from silk or cotton, to wool super wash or heavy cottons?

Well I suppose I have been knitting wintery things lately. Lots of scarves,hats, some socks and mobile phone 'socks'. These were mostly for Christmas presents. Currently I am working on a shawl for myself and I hope to knit a cardi soon. I have used wool or wool/silk mixes for the gifts, and I hope to knit my own cardi from some Noro which is in my stash since last year.
I love cottons and silks also and have made some washcloths lately which I love. They are really good for the face and I would suggest they make good 'exfoliators' instead of expensive products. My skin feels really clean after use. (Gosh I'm off on a tangent, how did I get here!)


Cheryl said...

And a VERY cute shawl too, I might add!

Mary said...

You kept that Noro a well kept secret Ger. Love the facecloths as well.

Anonymous said...

I turned to a washcloth today as "comfort" knitting. Was having "issues" and decided I needed some quick knitting that would cooperate.

Your cocoa swap partner

Ger said...

Hello to my anonymous cocoa swap partner, there's nothing like knitting a washcloth to wipe away the problems attached to something more intricate. I have been having such 'problems' with my knitting since beginning of jan, that i have not taken a big project yet on board. Never mind, things can only get better!