Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow Again- December 3rd 2010

We are still covered in snow. Really Christmassy, except that I can't get out and about to get Christmas gifts. A family party/dinner scheduled for tomorrow evening has had to be cancelled as have other Christmas events. I think perhaps there was a slight thaw today, but what with all the snow that fell here and now the freezing temperatures have set in, I think that roads and paths will still be as treacherous tomorrow.
However someone here will have to get to the shops as we are quickly running out of supplies!!

12 midday outside my front door.

An Astilbe forest! These are the remains of summer's Astilbes which covered in snow look really lovely peeping through the snow. We've had birds almost come in the door in the last few days, but each time I put food out it just gets covered in snow.

There must be at least 12 ins of snow in the garden. Unbelievable.
Off to do some knitting now.

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