Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Tuesday Dec 7th 2010 - Tea for Two

Could I invite you to tea??? I don't think so. This is the sight that greeted me once again. Now I know that the table looks like a Christmas cake, but it would be pretty cold for eating! And the tea would melt the look.
I know the sights are very pretty, but we need a thaw soon. Need to shop, need to get out!!! I can't walk out at the moment, so hopefully if it thawed, I could at least drive somewhere near.
Stir crazy ! Even knitting isn't doing it for me

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Woolly Bits said...

very annoying - we're frozen in, too:(( I haven't been shopping for nearly 2 weeks now and hope for a thaw, if only to get out my christmas parcels:(( luckily the postman can still make it - to bring those meant for us:)) doesn't look great though - brilliant sunshine during daytime raises to a max. of maybe 102 dec. above freezing. to be replaced by min. 6-8 during nighttime.... people who don't get depressed easily have a definite advantage at the moment:)) keep the cappuccino coming, at least it keeps you warm on the inside!