Monday, 6 December 2010

Monday Dec 6th - A beautiful morning

Through the icicles a glimpse of trees lit by the morning sun. It's absolutely freezing. However the sun is shining and should be embraced maybe for a little while.

From my front step these trees look really regal and stately, while the sun shines through the ice which Jack Frost left behind.
This is the day before a very austere Budget here in Ireland, so this Monday morning I'm trying to concentrate on all things good and beautiful if possible. In the warmth of my house it's lovely to look outside. I'm having a really delicious Cappuccino which I made and it's real pleasure. No matter what this Budget my bring I'm not going to let it take away my Cappuccino.
These are good times to knit and craft. I can even work through my stash without needing to spend on any more yarn. Then maybe after Christmas I could be persuaded to have a look in the yarn sales.

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