Sunday, 15 April 2007

Busy Sunday

Had a lovely day today.Spent the morning in Dublin city, walked about and then took coffee on the 'Boardwalk' along the River Liffey in brilliant sunshine. After lunch DH and I took a drive to a lovely garden centre in Co Carlow and have now just finished a yummy steak and potatoes from the barbecue along with a glass or two of good red wine!! I now plan to unravel this mess on the table in the garden and sew up the baby sweater and bootees.

Am almost ready with the parcel for my 'Treatee'. Hope she likes her spoiling package. Still have a few more little bits and pieces to add to it. I've enjoyed getting it together, as in my family we usually give gifts of lots of little things and its really great to open them.
Looking forward to hearing from my 'treater' still, but there's plenty of time .

Success at last, have finished sewing up now and have just washed the garments and hope to press and finish off tomorrow. So hopefully more photos tomorrow.
Back to my book now. - Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult. A really good read so far.


Mary said...

You have been having a nice weekend. Enjoy the book, I really did, I just love her writing style.

tangelled angel said...

I love Jodi Picoult. Her books are always really gripping. Cant read them all one after the other though, have to leave some time in between. Hope you hear from your KTE treater soon!

patch said...

Loved seeing the finished baby sweater and bootees - they look great.